Flights Booked… Trains Organised…

After the arrival of my passport, I can now confidently book my flights!

I have spent more than 6 hours looking around the internet for the best flights deal from an accessible airport (not London Stansted or Luton) and found the cheapest was, of course, EasyJet from London Gatwick.

I have never flown with EasyJet and know that they used to have a bad reputation but their more recent reviews are quite impressive so it looks like they have made some good improvements.

Singen’s closest airport (that you can fly from the UK to) isn’t actually in Germany but in the South-East most point of France. It has taken me a while, with the help of Google maps, to work out that Basel is a city in Switzerland with an airport that happens to be just over the border in France. This means I will technically be crossing through 3 countries on this journey!

From Basel Airport, I have to get a shuttle bus to Basel Bahnhof then a train to Basel Bad Bf then another train to Singen (Hohentwiel) Bahnhof. I am a little bit scared as this journey sounds very complicated… But I have faith!


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