Accommodation Dilemma!

After accepting a 12-month placement offer with Nestlé Maggi in the beautiful city of Singen, I have had a lot of things to sort out! The first being my accommodation in Germany.
Being my first ever experience with Germany, I wasn’t quite sure how things worked and how different things are to the UK. I very quickly realised that finding accommodation in Germany from the UK was impossible as each landlord insists on meeting and interviewing you before offering you the apartment.

At first, I didn’t quite understand this because I have never encountered this. My only experience is with student houses and when you’re looking for a student house, this doesn’t really apply… The only requirement is to be a student.

After talking to a few friends that rent houses and some that are landlords, I realised that this was actually very normal, not only in Germany, but in the UK too.

I took all of this in my stride and decided that all I needed to do was find some temporary accommodation that will house me for a few weeks until I can find a more permanent place to stay.

I started with all of the most popular holiday accommodation websites which turned out to be extortionately priced, the cheapest being Airbnb, £350 or €447 for 1 room in a shared apartment for 16 nights. To a Brit, this may not sound so bad but if you look at the living costs and prices of shared houses in the area, you’re paying between €150 for a room to €400 for a whole apartment per MONTH!

Living costs in Germany are lower than in the UK so wages are lower. My wage is at least £3,000pa lower than it would be in the UK but my rent in Germany is more than half what it is in the UK per month.

Now I can relax a little bit knowing that I have accommodation to move into to when I first arrive and 2 weeks to find my own place!


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